Tree of Thanks

Here at the GiftWrapMyFace studio, we seem to collect scrap paper. Whether it’s from a photo shoot or extra prints, it’s just … everywhere.  We find creative uses for each piece: turning them into sketch paper, potential art projects for the kids, or upcycling them into something unexpected. Like this ….

We took your beautiful faces and leftover scraps, and added some of our own, to make this, our Tree of Thanks!

This was a special year for, and because of that, more of your smiling faces are peppered around our studio than ever before! And we’re so grateful for this.

Your support enabled us to launch our mobile friendly site and to expand our offerings. Your love landed us in magazines all over the world, leading to associations and appearances we never would have dreamed possible. Whether it’s “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” or the “The View” or “Late night with Seth Meyers,” we feel like every day we are growing thanks to you. And we’ve met so many interesting people! We’ll try not to be too starstruck here … but allow us to shamelessly namedrop some of the highlights: Whoopi Goldberg, Andrew Zimmern, Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Maisie Williams and Valerie Bertinelli! We’ve made great friends like Melissa Peterman and Adam Glassman and Gavin Keilly and Miko and Marc Murphywhose generosity truly cannot be quantified. For all the opportunities people like Oprah and Gayle King have given us, gratitude fills our hearts.

Grandmas, Moms, Dads, and Friends — you are our bread and butter, and we love you. Many special repeat customers … you know who you are! Thank you for everything. Special thanks to expert crafter Yoel for making our giftwrap tree a reality! and to our amazing photographer, Melissa for capturing our tree so beautifully.

We think the tree is a fitting symbol because without your support, we would not have a foundation for growth. Thanks for creating, surprising and connecting with loved ones through our products. And to our close friends and families, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do without your cheers and constant support.

Always thankful for YOU,

Ary, Vane, Jess, Fer, Pablo & Kathleen.


photography by Melissa Melendez

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