Personalized Cookie Jar – 12 Crafts of Giftwrap

Our kids love cookies and this personalized cookie jar will be the hit of the season at our home. Take a look at how simple it is to turn this generic jar into a very personal one.

• For this project, we customized our Elfie Selfie design by changing its colors to red and green to best match the color of the cookie jar.
• Cookie Jar. We found ours at Target for $4.
• Scissors
• Double-sided tape
• Mod-Podge (glossy or matte finish. Your choice).

We cut-out one of the Elfies from our custom colored Elfie Selfie pattern.

And since we have a little girl, we decided to turn our Elfie Selfie pattern into an Elfie Girly.

Next, we used double-sided tape so we could position our little Elves.

We used double-sided tape so we could re-position easily if we made a mistake. Once the Elves were on the jar the way we liked them, we used a thin coating of matte-finish mod-podge to give the jar a more finished look. You can use glossy finish if you prefer.

And here it is, our custom cookie jar. The kids are going to love it!