Personalized Candle – 12 Crafts of Giftwrap

Turn a simple candle into an amazing gift.

• We used our Classy Christmas paper design for this project.
• Tin candle. We got this amazing frosted-fir scented candle from Target for $3.
• Circular cutter or a circular shape and an x-acto knife.
• Mod Podge
• Embellishments: we used snowflake shaped glitter.
• Optional: ribbon.

This is the candle we got. It smells amazing!

We found one of our kids’ toys had a perfect size and shape for our circle.

Use mod podge to adhere the cut-out to the lid of the candle. Add embellishments of your choice.

Optional: add ribbon

And here we are, a simple candle turned into an awesome, personalized gift.