Paper Tree – 12 Crafts of Giftwrap

Upcycling our paper scraps to make this tree was so much fun.

• Paper scraps from all of our Christmas Giftwrap.
• Gold Frame from the local supply store.
• Scissors
• Double-sided tape
• Construction Paper

We started by cutting out strips, about 1/2 inch to 1 inch. We lined them up like this to get an idea of what our tree would look like and how many we needed.

This is the frame we bought. Once we took out the back, we realized we could use the frame backing as our tree backing.

Next, as we laid down our paper strips, we trimmed as needed on the sides of each strip to make the shape of the tree. We also placed the strips a bit crooked as shown above to give the tree more dimension.

Our last step was to make a star and we thought our little Elfie-Girly made the perfect one. We used yellow construction paper as the backing to give it more of a “shining star” look. :)

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