One of a kind Ornament – 12 Crafts of Giftwrap

This one of a kind ornament is so easy to make, you’ll want to make it with a new face every year!


• We used our Elfie Selfie Giftwrap design
• Plastic ornaments we found at Target for $4 per box of 4.
• White pipe cleaners
• Cotton Balls
• Tape
• and some glitter

Start by cutting out circles on your paper.

Tape a pipe cleaner to your circle, this helps keep the paper circles from moving around inside the ornament.

Curl your circles to fit them into the ornament. Use the pipe cleaners to help push the circles in.

Add “snow” We used cotton balls. Optional: add some glitter.

Fit the pipe cleaners through the hole of the ornament cap. Trim excess.

and here you are, an easy-peesy custom handmade ornament.