How to wrap a Gift Card – 12 crafts of Christmas

Wrapping gift cards like this will bring up your gift card game up a notch.

• For this project, we used cut-outs of our Santa Selfie and Elfie Selfie designs.
• Burlap bags found at local craft store.
• Tacky glue
• Scissors
• Gift Cards and/or money

First, we coated the back of our cut-outs with tacky glue, making sure we got all edges.

Next step is to center your character and place onto the burlap bag

Press along all edges to ensure your character adheres well

You can use a squeegee if you have one so those edges are nice and glued onto the burlap. Optional: we also found that the paper got a nice texture from pressing down on the burlap all around the paper.

Add money or a gift card and voilá! a custom holder your recipient will love.

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