How to customize and wrap a wine bottle – 12 Crafts of Giftwrap

The easiest way to wrap a wine bottle and THE way to impress your friends with your hostess gift. :)


• We used our Mr & Mrs. Claus Giftwrap design
• Great bottle of wine from Avalon (…oh, their homepage images make our hearts melt).
• Tape
• Red ribbon

Start by cutting a rectangle of approximately 4 Mrs. Claus and 4 Santas. (about 13″ wide)

Center your bottle on the paper, tape the side of the paper and wrap the paper around the bottle. Note: You must leave about 5 inches of paper below the bottom of the bottle.

On the bottom of the bottle, where the 5 inches of paper you left are, cut slits of about .75 in. to 1 in. all around.

Fold all the cut slits inward and tape them shut.

On the top side of the bottle, cut slits about 1 in. wide and cut them down through where the bottle is its widest.

Stand the bottle upright and fold in your top slits, pushing them into the sides of the bottle.

Repeat all around until all slits are inside.

Place bottle down again and grab your ribbon of choice. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

and here we are: the perfect hostess gift.

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