Halloween Party Bags

Impress your Halloween Party Guests. Bow down witches!

To start, we made our paper out of our Halloween Giftwrap paper. We can’t decide yet if to use ribbon or washi tape. We found this lovely washi tape at ikea.

Cut your paper to about this size: If using a character giftwrap (as shown), we counted 4 lines of faces vertically by 3 lines of faces horizontally. You’ll also need scissors and double sided tape. Have we told you that one of the tricks to using our paper is to use double-sided tape. More on that on coming posts but, we simply love it!

Grab your double-sided tape and set it on one edge of the paper from top to bottom as shown. Leave the other edge without tape.

Joining both ends of the paper, make a cylinder like this.


Take out your ribbon or washi tape. So hard to choose!

Fold the cylinder, making a small crease to the paper on the sides. Seam one end of the cylinder as shown with your washi, leaving an allowance. This allowance will be taped onto the other side as shown on the next step.

Turn the cylinder over and join both sides of the paper with the washi tape, creating the bottom seam of your Halloween Party Bag.

Add candy and goodies to your treat Halloween Party Bag

and, Voila!

Hey boo-tiful! Halloween Party here we come!

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